2014 World Championship Category Championship

Written by Sierra Bullets Media Relations Manager Carroll Pilant


2014 IHMSA Internationals at the Oklahoma City Gun Club photo by Harry Alder



Carroll Pilant photo by Harry Alder

The IHMSA (International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association) Internationals were held July 18 – 25 at the Oklahoma City Gun Club near Edmond, Oklahoma. Hosting nearly 100 shooters from five different countries and Hawaii, over 50,000 rounds would have been put downrange. 77 perfect scores (80×80) were shot. Unusual weather for July, the first 3 mornings found nearly everyone wearing jackets with temperatures warming later in the week. Jim Fields, the match director has been putting on silhouette matches for years and is constantly striving to improve and speed up the match. He has added many improvements over the years, like auto reset targets, covered firing line, good line officers, and plenty of target setters to paint targets. The Internationals moves around to different states, with the 2013 match being held in Fort. Stockton, Texas and the 2015 match is going to be in California, I believe. If you are interested in finding out more about IHMSA, just go to www.IHMSA.org for more information.

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1 Response to 2014 World Championship Category Championship

  1. David Ruppel from Christmas Valley, Oregon says:

    Good Job Joe Cullison! Congrates on your many Championships!


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