How Far is That Groundhog?

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Paul Box

Many of you may remember the “strip” that my groundhog hunting buddy Jack and myself used to hunt so much. Just to refresh your memory, the strip was a three mile long gravel road that connected two paved highways. It wound its way thru a small river bottom and was groundhog paradise.

One individual summer Jack and myself took dozens and dozens of groundhogs from this area. A good thing about it, was the fact that when we took some chucks from the area, more would move back in to fill the vacant places we created.

This trip thru that area produced a little surprise for us. We took three chucks in the second field that we stopped at, then headed on down to check other fields. Rounding a slow curve in the road, we came to the largest field the strip had to offer. This field was huge and it had a back section to it that you could see from the road.

Jack stopped the truck because he thought he saw something in that back section. “It looks like three groundhogs chasing each other and playing,” Jack said. I already had my .243 on a sandbag and was looking thru the scope.

“It’s not three groundhogs, it’s two groundhogs and a red fox trying to make supper out of either one of those two groundhogs.” I said. Jack asked if I was going to try a shot and I told him of course.

“How far is that groundhog?” Jack asked.

“Well, if he was any farther, I’d need an out of state license!!” I joked.

“You have an idea how to hold?” Jack asked.

“Not a clue, I’ll just put the first shot out there and go from there.” I said.

Actually, I had guessed the distance at close to 750 yds., so I put one of the two chucks in the very bottom of my field of view and touched one off. That shot landed about 30 yds. short of that groundhog. Jack asked if I was going to try another shot? I told him, “I can’t. I’m out of my field of view!!”

That was the first time we’d ever had that happen!

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