I Should Have Stayed Home……..

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks

It was to be a late-season antler-less deer hunt. It was in mid-December, and quite cold. I was planning on hunting quite close to home until I got the phone call.

Picking up the receiver the conversation went something like this –

Me: “Hello”

Tom: “Hey, how is it going? You wanna go huntin’?”

Me: You know I’m always ready to go hunting. What are ya thinking?”

Tom: Rusty and I had planned on taking the camper and going up north to see if we could get a deer or two.”

Me: I don’t know, when are you going?”

Tom: We are going to leave in about an hour. You want me to pick you up in town? We’ve already got our stuff packed. Grab your gun and some clothes and let’s hit the road.”

First of all, this wasn’t shaping up real well. I’m not packed and need to do a few chores before I just take off.

Me: It will take me at least an hour and a half to get ready.”

Tom: WE are on our way to town now. Hurry it up. What kind of groceries do you want?

Me: Whatever.”

Tom: See ya!” Click……………..

This can only get better, right?

We drive for about 4.5 hours and discover the area we are planning to hunt has been hit with a snow storm that we hadn’t had at home. It was drifting and getting colder. We stopped and got a bite to eat and then proceeded to the camp spot and set up the camper.

The next morning at an hour before daylight we were up getting down some coffee.  It was about 4 degrees. Tom and Rusty were talking about where they wanted to hunt and I was trying to figure out where I was at, and where I should have stayed…AT HOME!!

We had towed a small SUV to have a vehicle to get around. We all piled in and headed to the timbered draw we were going to hunt. Once we get there and all pile out, Tom dropped his rifle. He immediately dug it out of the snow and tried to get it cleaned off. He claimed he was ready to go. About an hour later, Tom was froze out and was ready to get warmed up. We stepped out of the draw and several deer bust out ahead of us. Tom immediately fired at one and we could tell it was hit, but kept going, going, going……  This was about 8:30 in the morning. After many hours of tracking and chasing, Rusty and I finally caught up to the deer and finish the deed. The only problem now was it was getting dark and we were about a mile and three quarters from the road. I knew I should have stayed home. When we finally got the deer out and all the gear loaded, Tom said,”Fellows, I couldn’t have done it without ya.” I look at Rusty, who looked at me. Rusty said, “Let’s go home.

Home, where I belong!

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1 Response to I Should Have Stayed Home……..

  1. DAVID RUPPEL says:

    Love those spur of the moment, no planning involved, adventures. They are always good to tell the tale at a later date. Once you’ve lived through it and are safely at home. 🙂


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