Eastern Regional Cowboy Silhouette Match Report

We recently received the following from our good friend Alan Foust:

This weekend was the Eastern Regional Cowboy Silhouette Match at McKean Co. Rifle Club, near Bradford, Pa. There were 50 shooters.

The level of competition was very high for all three matches.

Winners were:
Cowboy Lever Action – Al Bean 73 X 80
Pistol Cartridge- Randy Ent 72 X 80
Smallbore – Matt Pavlik 74 X 80
3 Gun Aggregate Regional Champion – Al Bean 209 X 240


Alan Foust, Senior National Long Run Record

As for me personally, I shot pretty well placing 2nd Open in CLA with a 68 X 80, which was also got me the High Senior award. I placed 8th in the aggregate with a 196 X 240.

My real highlight was I set a new Senior National Long Run record on CLA chickens shooting 104 in a row! The old record was 36. I shot them with my 30-30 using 125 gr. HP’s #2020. I shot for an hour straight to do this.

Next up is the National at Raton. We leave on the 14th.

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