I Wonder Where Beverly is Now???

As I’m sure many of you recall, my groundhog hunting buddy Jack and myself covered a lot of ground that one summer and ran into many different situations. Some of you will also remember the term “cold rolling” that we practiced when we was out of ideas of where to hunt. This individual day, we had hunted some of our usual locations and only took a couple of chucks, so we decided to just cold roll that afternoon until dark.

We headed down a gravel road that neither of us knew. Before long we found a series of small fields, located the owner and took three chucks from what we called “.222” fields. This was a small enough field that a .222 Remington was capable of taking a chuck anywhere in that location.

When the action dried up there, we headed into a new area we’d never been before. Dropping down from a small hill, we crossed a little low water bridge and on the left laid a beautiful little alfalfa field about 250 yds. long and 150 yds. wide. We spotted two chucks already out.  After looking around, we spotted a house and barn on the next hill over. We decided to stop there and see if they owned this field.

CowsAfter a few knocks on the door with no answer, I mentioned to Jack that I heard a milking machine running down at the barn. So we headed down there to see if we could locate somebody. I went in the side door first and to my surprise, there was Beverly milking Holstein cows.



I didn’t know you was down this way. How long have you lived here?

Since the days of crayons was Beverly’s answer.

Beverly was a girl I had went to school with and I graduated with her brother Steve. “Jack and myself was out hunting groundhogs. We saw two out in this little field by the creek. Do you folks own that field?”

“Yea……..that’s ours, help yourself.”

“Thanks Beverly, say ‘Hi’ to Steve for me when you see him.”


Now, on our way back to the truck I noticed Jack giving me some strange looks. As we was leaving Jack said “You’re kinda slippin’ aren’t you? You didn’t ask her out.”

I mentioned, “Did you see how many cows she still has to milk? She’s not going anywhere. Let’s go get those groundhogs.”

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1 Response to I Wonder Where Beverly is Now???

  1. David (Rupe) Ruppel says:

    You may as well give up trying to date a dairy farmer. They milk twice a day. The only date you’ll get with her is helping her milk cows. But then again, maybe she’s worth it? You, her, and a herd of dairy cattle, what a first date!



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