An Awesome Day for the Yough Precision Shooting Team

We received the following update from the Yough Precision Shooting Team:


Left to Right: Rusty Malik, Austin Null, Austin Suter, Rick Jaffre, Nate Smirga, Brandon Bassinger, Gary Munson, Paul Yackovich, Roger Comini, and Harry Suarez

We went to our 1000 Yard shoot yesterday in West Virginia, as always with the high quality bullets and guns that our students have the opportunity to use and it was an awesome day!! The students were presented with a Sierra Bullets hat when they hit a clay pigeon at 999 yards. Once the first student had done that and they saw the Sierra hat they were presented, the others could not wait to receive their hat.


Austin Suter….first time long range shooter

Austin Newell

Austin Newell


Paul Yackovich providing instruction on how to get the scope set up for the 1000 yard range shoot.

Special thanks to Paul Yackovich the Yough Precision Shooting Team youth councilor.  If it was not for Paul, these kids would never get the chance to shoot long range.  Paul spends a lot of time teaching the kids about ballistics and velocity.  Almost all the rifles belong to Paul and he is so kind to let the kids shoot them.

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