Matthew Michayluik’s Shoots Black Bear with a Sierra Bullet

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from Matt Michalyuik (See – Matthew Michayluik’s First Moose Shot with a Sierra Bullet) but he’s been out putting Sierra bullets to good use again.

On May 16, Matthew Michayluik of Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada wrote:


The last time I was in touch with Sierra Bullets was the fall of 2012 when Robert Treece was answering some questions of mine with my first ever had load for my .308. I’ve constructed a load using the 180 gr. SBT (#2160) for my first moose. As Sierra knows, that hunt was very successful and you already have a picture of that moose.

The purpose of this email is because with that load, I made one box of bullets. Three were to sight it in, one shot for that moose, and just this past weekend I used one more for my first black bear! A good friend of mine Quint Stacy from Northern Pride Outfitters in Loon Lake Sk, had me out to his place over the weekend. Once again, I grabbed the rifle, my box of bullets, and I was on my way. I put some time in the tree stand and right at the end of the day I finally got a chance at this bear. The nice thing was that I felt confident shooting this gun with these bullets. It was a very low stress situation. He walked around a bit and then I decided to take him. I just couldn’t believe the consistency and reliability of these bullets! To be away from the range for a couple months then get into the stand and know exactly where the bullets going. Not even just that, but when I hit him, he folded right over, stopped him where he was standing. One bullet and the moose didn’t even take a step, one bullet and the bear sat right down. I guess that means I’ve got 15 more bullets to use! Thank you Sierra for such a great product and thanks again Robert Treece for all of your help.”

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2 Responses to Matthew Michayluik’s Shoots Black Bear with a Sierra Bullet

  1. David (Rupe) Ruppel says:

    Congrates Nice Black bear! Nice shot too! Bears exciting to hunt.
    Here in Oregon we are not allowed to bait for bears so I use a mouth call to call them in. So far I have only got one. and that I shot using a handgun, which is my prefered weapon of choice for hunting.
    Congrates again for both the.bear and the moose! Keep up the one shot onr kill.



  2. Donald Lamm says:

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