Smallest Hunter Class Group Ever Shot at 200m in Sweden

Email from Emil Haglund

My name is Emil Haglund and I’m a BR shooter from beautiful country of Sweden.

Hunter Class 200mLast weekend I participated in a BR competition. I shoot in the Nordic Hunter Rifle Class.

Rules states that the rifle…

  • Must weigh no more than 4.5 kg. (9.92 lbs)
  • Has a trigger pull weight above 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)
  • Are chambered in a cartridge that shoots a 6.5 mm bullet or larger and can deliver 2,700J (1991.44 ft/lbs)  at 100 m. 30×47 are quite common.
  • Has a scope with 12x magnification or less.
  • Stock follows the rules regarding the stock. The sides of the forearm can’t be higher than 40 mm. If you want to make the forearm square, it can’t be wider than  35 mm. If you make it wider the forearm has to have a radius in the corners. Example – 50 mm wide = 15 mm radius.My rifle is built on a Tikka 595 action with a Border 1-14 twist barrel chambered in 308 Win – 0.330 neck.  The bullet I shoot is SMK 150 #2190 and it has given me excellent results.

In this competition, I shot a new Swedish record. The photo shows the smallest Hunter Class group ever shot at 200m in Sweden. I did this with SMKs right out of the box.

Thank you all for supplying the shooters world wide with great bullets.

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2 Responses to Smallest Hunter Class Group Ever Shot at 200m in Sweden

  1. Davis says:

    To us US shooters. I have been to Sweden and one of their military ranges. It was run by high standards and the appearance was like a golf course. Immaculately clean. Best of all it was friendly to my friend Magnus and I. It was set to a standard that all USA ranges need to strive for.
    BTW Wonderful shooting, congratulations.


  2. David (Rupe) Ruppel says:

    That is great Emil! Awesome shooting! Congrates to you on a your record group.



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