Ask A Bulletsmith – What’s the biggest trophy you ever shot?

We asked a few handy Sierra Bullets bulletsmiths: “What’s the biggest trophy you ever shot?”  From trophy aoudad to whitetails to antelope, check out their trophies below.  We would love to hear from you too, please share your response in the comments below.

Media Relations Manager Carroll Pilant answered “The Aoudad I shot last fall.”  Read more about this hunt in our blog post: Carroll Pilant Hunts Aoudad in Texas

Carroll Pilant Shoots Aoudad

Carroll Pilant shot this Aoudad near Ft. Davis, Texas, using a Remington 700 in 7mm Remington Magnum with the Sierra 150 gr. GameKing #1913.

Rich Machholz answered “An old Montana Mulie that still measures 28″ by 20 something tall after nearly 20 years.  I have nightmares over passing on a huge Montana 7×7 whitetail the next year, but I did get pictures so I shot him too – but with a camera.  I just didn’t realize how hard it is to find a big whitetail.”

Ballistic Technician Philip Mahin answered “It was a 200+ pound 11-point whitetail buck with a drop tine.”

Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks answered “My largest whitetail to date was a buck taken in 2011. It was an eleven-point with a 24″ inside spread. The G2’s on this buck were 14.5′ and 15″ tall. This deer scored in the high 170’s. I have several nice trophies, including a nice Russian boar that weighed in right at 400#.”  (See a picture of the boar on page 799 of the Sierra Bullet’s 5th Edition Rife and Handgun Reloading Manual.)


Duane Siercks shot this whitetail buck in 2011.

Ballistic Technician Paul Box answered “An 8-point buck, field dressed at 185 lbs.”


Paul Box shot this 2 1/2 year-old buck with his Smith and Wesson model 657 7.5″ barrel with full underlug and chambered for the 41 Mag cartridge.  The deer field dressed at 185 pounds!

Ballistic Technician Robert Treece answered “My trophies are in my mind–leaving out the gory stuff; both in Vietnam–an 18′ python (point man killed one over 22′ long) and an 8’9″ cat that was chasing chickens.”

Chief Ballistician Tommy Todd answered “My best trophy was the first antelope I shot in Wyoming.”


Tommy Todd shot this antelope in Wyoming, with a 25-06, Sierra’s 100 grain SBT (#1625), using IMR-4350 powder, a Remington 700 rifle and a Weaver scope. Pictured are Tommy’s friend and guide Ron Kamp (left) and Tommy Todd (right).

VP – Sales & Marketing Matt Reams answered “Biggest was probably the 11 point buck I killed back in the 90’s, but the coolest was the blue wildebeest I took in South Africa in 2008.”

Matt Reams shot this wildebeest in South Africa in 2008.

Production Toolsetter Brad Vansell answered “I shot a whitetail buck that scored 167.”

Ballistician Gary Prisendorf answered “Ten-point buck Missouri whitetail”

Maintenance & Machine Shop Craig Westermier answered “A turkey with 1 ½” spurs and 3 beards”

Production Resource Manager Dan Mahnken answered “A 250 lb. 10-point whitetail.”


Dan Mahnken’s 250 pound 10-point buck.

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13 Responses to Ask A Bulletsmith – What’s the biggest trophy you ever shot?

  1. David (Rupe) Ruppel says:

    I used a Ruger Super Redhawk in .454 Cassull to make an 80 yard one shot kill on a Spring Black Bear that I called in. It Squared 6′ 1″ and weighed 325lbs. and stands in the corner of our home.


  2. Art Reid says:

    Trying to find out the diff between the gameking and the pro-hunter bullets?? Does not seem to be much technical info on your website anymore??
    Been buying Sierra for nearly 50 years.


    • Mr. Reid – The main difference is the boat tail. The GameKing line is the boat tail version with the ProHunter having a flat base. If we are looking at two bullets of the same caliber and weight, the performance on game would basically be the same. The GameKing, having the boat tail, would give you a flatter trajectory at longer hunting ranges. It is very common for an individual firearm to show an accuracy preference for one style or the other. Thanks.


  3. Art Reid says:

    Thank you for your fast reply. I have switched to a Win 100 in 284 the last 3 years and the 140 grain Gameking seems very accurate. In your opinion, would this gun benefit from the Pro-hunter?
    I also ran a few Tubbs final finish 7mm through it and that lowered the pressure !


    • Mr. Reid – That is not something that can be predictable. To know would require working up some loads with the Pro-Hunters to see what the rifle did with them. I don’t know that I would switch if you are happy with the accuracy that you are currently getting. – Duane Siercks, Sierra Bullet’s Ballistic Technician


  4. Yvan Lejeune says:

    I took a Yukon moose with Sierra 250gr. Gameking out of my .338WM a few years back. I was looking for a 60″ bull, mine measured 59.5″. I left it in Whitehorse for my cousin to eat, he has the antlers. Last hunting season, I harvested a nice mulie buck with 120gr ProHunters out of my 7mm-08. The shot was ranged by my friend at 384 yards. The buck was hit cleanly in the heart. He took 3 steps forward and 3 steps back and collapsed exactly where he stood. He went down so hard that the antlers were stuck in the ground.


  5. Robert Shimik says:

    Just returned from SA and took a Nice Kudu with my CZ550 Mannlicher in 308, loaded with H380 and a 165gr Gameking. the shot was about 210yds down hill. it hit him like a ton of bricks he ran about 20yds and went down. the bullet passed thru his heart and exited the other side. I also shot a tree but thats another story


  6. Mike Tufts says:

    a 12 Year old Wood Bison that probably weighed close to a Ton
    in the Northwest Territory January 91

    we put 200 Kilometers on the snow machines at -40 and colder

    we were tenting at -43 C for 3 nights
    one shot through the ribs at 200 yds started him running
    2nd shot through the front shoulder stopped him

    a third finishing shot through the ribs into the heart lung ended it

    Parker Hale .30-06, 200 grain Nosler partition, Norma MRP, CCI Magnum Rifle Primer

    several years later i passed up many bulls hoping for a little 2 year old

    looking for something tender enough to Chew !


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