The Wheels on the Sierra Mobile Go Round and Round

Written by Sierra Bullets Media Relations Manager Carroll Pilant

Sierra_Mobile_April_2014WPSince the Sierra Bullet’s ’05 Equinox was purchased in 2004, I have been to over 150 major matches in the US, in 25 states. (For small club matches, I drive my personal vehicle.)  It would have been several more matches if I hadn’t got knocked 25′ out of a tree in 2010 that laid me up for 2 months and from getting my knee replaced in 2013 which laid me up for 3 months. I spent many, many nights in motel rooms and a lot of nights I drove all night either because of time restraints or just to keep from having to spend another night in a motel. It has been serviced about 65 times. I have been stopped twice in it. Once in Arkansas for a burned out headlight and once just a week ago in Arizona for a burned out license plate light.

**The Sierra Mobile had 200,697 miles on it when the picture above was taken in April 2014.  Larry Anderson was our hat winner in our mileage guessing contest.

Major matches the Sierra Mobile has been to (most of them several times):
USPSA Single Stack Nationals, ( Illinois )  Limited Nationals, Open Nationals, Multi Gun Nationals ( Illinois, Oklahoma, Nevada, Louisiana )
USPSA Regional and Sectionals ( Assorted States )
Bianchi Cup ( Missouri )
Big Dawg Steel Match ( Iowa )
The Masters ( Illinois )  and Shooting Industry Masters ( Kentucky )
IHMSA Internationals, ( Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma ) plus State and Regionals ( Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas )
Sportsman Team Challenge Nationals ( Texas )  and Regionals ( Missouri )
American Handgunner and Winchester World Speed Shoot ( Colorado )
Varmint Hunter Jamboree ( South Dakota )
Rocky Mountain 3 Gun ( New Mexico )  and Johnson 3 Gun ( Colorado )
Superstition Mountain Mystery 3 Gun ( Arizona )
FNH 3 Gun ( Missouri and West Virginia )
Midwest 3 Gun ( Missouri )
Pro – Am 3 Gun ( Kentucky ),  Pro – Am Steel Match ( Oklahoma )
Blue Ridge Mountain 3 Gun ( Kentucky )
LaRue Tactical 3 Gun ( Texas ), Surefire Texas Multi-Gun
Colorado State Multi Gun
Ozark 3 Gun ( Missouri )
Kentucky State 3 Gun
Arkansas State 3 Gun
DPMS Tri Gun Challenge ( Minnesota )
Pandemic Zombie Match ( Nebraska )
Cold Turkey 1000 Yard Handgun ( Wyoming )
Drazy 500 Steel Match ( Illinois )
Sierra Classic ( Pennsylvania )
F Class Nationals ( Tennessee, New Mexico )
NRA Benefit Match ( Kansas )
COPS Fall Classic ( Missouri )
Ozark Shooters Couples Classic ( Missouri )
NRA High Power Silhouette Nationals ( New Mexico )

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7 Responses to The Wheels on the Sierra Mobile Go Round and Round

  1. Jay Gorski says:

    214,580 miles.


  2. Auguste VanEtten says:

    247,645 miles is my guess.


  3. Ron S says:



  4. Alan T says 420,000


  5. John T. Simmons says:

    I hope Carroll gets as many miles on his new knee as he has in the Sierra Equinox! More power to ya. Sincerely, -John Simmons


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