Hunting Australian Water Buffalo with Sierra Bullets

Sent to Sierra Bullets by Jason Morton of CZ-USAAustralianWaterBuffaloBlog

“Rifle, scope, and ammo performed great on this Australian water buffalo.  We ranged it just barely under 500 yards with the first shot and went another 60 yards before going down with the 6th.  I had a nice palm-sized 5 shot group working in the heart/lung area before deciding to raise my hold over slightly with the sixth. The last hit in the high shoulder ended it.  This is one tough animal.

The 250 gr Sierra GameKing #2600 delivered all of the energy into the buffalo.  It had no problem with any of the 3 buffalo we took with it.  While hunting all the bullets were found just under the skin on the off side.  On the range, it was shooting about ½ minute at 300 yards.  I was able to keep it under a minute to 600.  Load development was a breeze using the Audette method.  Hodgdon Retumbo was the most promising according to the available load data, so that’s what we went with.  The Sierra 250s showed about 3 promising nodes.  As luck would have it, one of them was a max load and with the groups measuring well under what I could have asked for, I loaded up a few boxes to take hunting.

For this hunt, I expected the shots to be at about 300 yards and out so I zeroed at 300.  Before the hunt I had printed out a range card with the dope for wind and elevation out to 1000 yards on one side and a diagram of the of the Horus H-58 reticle on the Leupold M6 with the range marked for each stadia.  This setup was consistently delivering sub MOA groups with the best coming in just under an inch at 300 yards. After a few range sessions I was confident that I owned any target inside 600 yards.

We didn’t have 34mm rings available at the time, so the scope was mounted a bit higher than what would be ideal.  A new ring design is almost ready to ship that will address this issue. The new rings should be available in the next month or so (Spring 2014) that fit our 550 and 557 series rifles.  They are designed to get the vast majority of scopes on the market mounted as low as possible on our rifles while eliminating any contact from the bolt handle or barrel.  They are machined from aluminum for weight savings and will be available to fit  1”, 30mm and 34 mm tube diameters.”

Read more about this hunt in the December 2013 issue of Guns & Ammo magazine.

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