Tools of the Trade: Holland’s Perfect Primer Seater

Written by Sierra Bullets Chief Ballistician Tommy Todd

Hollands Perfect Primer Seater

Holland’s Perfect Primer Seater – (Photo courtesy

Holland's Perfect Primer Adapter Kit

Holland’s Perfect Primer Adapter Kit – (Photo courtesy

I recently acquired a new tool for priming cartridge cases. This cartridge case priming system allows you to measure the primer pocket depth and adjust the seating tool to match the primer seating depth for a contact fit with a measured lot of primers to the cases you are working with. Mr. Darrell Holland ( has taken a standard RCBS automatic bench mounted priming tool and modified it to a new level of precision. The modifications allow you to measure the primer pocket depth, primer height, and with the addition of an adjustable stop on the priming tool achieve precision primer seating, rather than how the primer “feels” as you seat it without a stop.

It is well known that consistent dimensions are needed throughout the shooting platform to achieve the utmost in accuracy and varying primer seating is no exception to this. If you are already utilizing the RCBS priming tool, Mr. Holland offers an adapter kit to upgrade your equipment.  If you are looking for a new priming unit, I suggest giving this product a try. Increasing consistency when seating primers should result in smaller groups and increased shot confidence.

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