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Just Another Day in Paradise

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Richard Machholz What do you do when it is too cold and windy to shoot on a rare weekday off?  Why you get your dogs and you head to the range of course. Now … Continue reading

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Mark Walker Accepts Position as Product Development Manager

Mark Walker joined the Sierra Bullets team in June of 2000 as a design draftsman. Over the last 14 years, Mark has contributed to every product and project produced by Sierra Bullets. He is a ballistics professional, a skilled gunsmith, … Continue reading

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Hunting Australian Water Buffalo with Sierra Bullets

Sent to Sierra Bullets by Jason Morton of CZ-USA “Rifle, scope, and ammo performed great on this Australian water buffalo.  We ranged it just barely under 500 yards with the first shot and went another 60 yards before going down … Continue reading

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Tools of the Trade: Holland’s Perfect Primer Seater

Written by Sierra Bullets Chief Ballistician Tommy Todd I recently acquired a new tool for priming cartridge cases. This cartridge case priming system allows you to measure the primer pocket depth and adjust the seating tool to match the primer … Continue reading

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Great Articles About Ammunition Reloading By Tom McHale

Author Tom McHale has written a series of informative articles about reloading.  Check them out if you have some spare time. To Reload or Not to Reload: 12 Important Considerations With the recent ammunition shortages, there are a lot of … Continue reading

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Twenty-Four Hours of Awesomeness: Twenty-Four Pictures of Making Sierra Bullets

As we contemplated ways to celebrate National Day of Awesomeness today, we thought, what is more awesome than making bullets? So we have broken the steps of making bullets at Sierra Bullets into 24 pictures. Enjoy!

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Joe Walter’s Giant Groundhog

Written by Sierra Ballistic Technician Paul Box I’m sure everybody remembers some of my stories of my hunting buddy Jack and myself on our groundhog hunting trips. When I arrived at Jack’s house on one of our scheduled hunting days … Continue reading

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