How to Decipher Sierra Bullets Barcodes

The Lot Number (indicated in green below) identifies a specific batch of bullets.  The lot number remains the same for bullets made at the same time from the same material.

The Packaging Code (indicated in blue below) is an internal number representing the number assigned to the persons who inspected and packed the box of bullets.

The Serial Number (indicated in yellow below) is a computer generated number sequentially added to each box of bullets made.


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3 Responses to How to Decipher Sierra Bullets Barcodes

  1. Hal Dennis, Jr. says:

    A Lot Number question: I am very lot number sensitive. You stated above that the lot number is the same bullet “made at the same time from the same material” but does not mention if it’s from the same machine. I have had boxes of Sierra MatchKings with same lot numbers, with both varying links and very weights. I have also had 500 round boxes with varying weights and lengths with in the box. Please explain. Hal Dennis


    • Hal – Yes – if they have the same lot # – they were made on the same machine, on the same tooling with the same material at the same time. When anything changes – the lot does too. If if the machine never shuts off, but the barrel gets full and needs to be changed – it becomes a new lot #.


  2. Just did 1500 rounds.224 69g hpbt 1380c Best quality Ive seen in ten years .No colour code on boxes of 500 ser no 9276351380 please explane


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