Final Results of 4th Annual Coyote Challenge in Northwood, North Dakota

4th Annual Northwood Coyote Challenge 189This year’s Coyote Challenge in Northwood, ND hosted by the Northwood Mens Club and the Save the Pool Committee was again a huge success. 75 teams from around North Dakota and Minnesota participated in this event. Ideal hunting conditions blessed us with an excellent opportunity to have great success. With am temperatures dipping to -8 below with lite winds hunters could start at 7 am with hunt conclusion at 6 pm. In total, nearly 300 coyotes were seen by participating teams with 84 coyotes harvested. The largest coyote of the tourney was shot by Mark and Beth Kurz of Thompson, ND weighing in at 38.15 pounds earning them the prize of $500. An 18.75 pound coyote shot by Dexter and Tyler Cronquist of Gilby, ND was the smallest harvested dog also yielding them a prize of $500.

4th Annual Northwood Coyote Challenge 232



The top ten teams of this year’s tourney are:

1st place Mike Flinn and Tory Heid of Wilton, ND with 7 coyotes weighing 191.97#

2nd place Jeff Ronningen and Dave Brandt of Binford, ND with 6 coyotes weighing 165.54#

3rd place Justin Uhlr and Jason Leake of Grand Forks, ND with 6 coyotes weighing 154.69#

4th place Nick Nielson and Matt Klabo of Valley City, ND with 5 coyotes weighing 152.63#

5th place was Mike Uhler of Grand Forks, ND with 4 coyotes weighing 111.68#

6th place Ron Dalbey and Comeron Deleski of Emerado, ND with 4 weighing 110.63#

7th place Perry and Aaron Montplaisir of Moorhead, MN with 4 weighing 99.24#

8th place Scott Larson and Troy Sand of Mayville, ND with 4 weighing 94.69#

9th place Mark and Beth Kurz of Thompson, ND with 3 weighing 94.16#

10th place Todd Heid and Kelly Johnson of Almont and Baldwin, ND with 3 weighing 88.59#

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL TEAMS for the safe hunt. Your honesty and respect for our rules makes this tournament a huge success. We enjoy hosting this and hope this lasts long into the future. Your support, local business and personal support along with corporate donations has truly been what makes this tourney go. Respecting land owners, rules of the tourney and ND Game and Fish Department regulations will assure we can have such events again. Mark your calender for the 2015 hunt now, as always it will be the first Saturday in Feb. Look forward to another year of the COYOTE CHALLENGE!!

Thank you,
Matt Monson

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