Considerations For Your Own Private Gun Range

Written by Sierra Ballistic Technician Robert Treece

Wouldn’t that be neat? Is it possible? MAYBE!!!!!

Some of the first things to consider:

• Location  – You may have enough land—please think of the most powerful firearm that would ever be used there.  (i.e.: Where will the projectiles stop?)

• Safety – My first range was in the middle of 1,100 acres my landlord gave me a key to.  I filled two stacks of old tires side-by-side and another stack centered in front, plus the gap of the junction—using gravel from a wet weather drainage.  Some manual labor, but very little cash spent.  I felt sure those Arkansas stones could stop just about anything smaller than a .50 BMG!  (No zoning out there.)

• Legality

• Neighborhood  – What about your neighbors?  Could a future neighbor cause grief?  (Some city people will build about anywhere and a lot of them think guns are bad.)

Here a few other things you might want to consider:

•  Maybe for you the back deck or yard could work out or might have to consider another spot.

•  You might need or want a bench or shelter.

•  You may have to mow to help keep ticks and chiggers at bay and make it easier to find brass from your auto loaders.

I recommend a wish list be made for this possible range.  Expense might stop the thought of running water, a potty, and floodlights for night work, but who knows?

A great argument to present to the little lady about building a personal range is that you’d save gas and be within shouting distance, so that she knows where you are when the credit card is needed. (—oops.)

Stay safe and good shooting!

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1 Response to Considerations For Your Own Private Gun Range

  1. David (Rupe) Ruppel says:

    I am one of the lucky ones that has 100, 200, and 300 yard ranges next to the house. I also can shoot out to 1000 yards from my front porch. It is so nice just to step outside and start shooting. Gotta love the country life!


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