Hunting Black Grouse with Sierra Bullets in Finland

Written by Kristian K. in Finland

BlackGrouse Finland2013I was hunting Black Grouses with my friend in Central Finland. I had my new 6 PPC USA custom made rifle with me. I used 6mm 70gr Sierra bullets (#1505). The weather was semi windy (circulating wind approx 5-6m/s) for a long range shooting (birds sitting on the top of the trees). Anyway, despite the windy weather, we found one bird enjoying the scenery on top of a tall tree and decided to go for it. After a good 100+ meter sneaking and crawling in the forest on our bellies, I found a fairly good spot to start aiming on the bird. I have a 8.5-25 x 50 Leopold with Varmint grid. After I rested a bit (so that my heart rate was under 200 again), I started to prepare for the shot. Once I had a brief moment of low steady wind (the tree top was in a same place for a couple of seconds,as well as the bird naturally) I decided to squeeze the trigger. Perfect! The bird was killed instantly and it fell straight down from the tree top. Nice. We measured the distance with a digital range meter, and it was 252 meters. This was my overall 3rd shot (and 3rd bird also) of that rifle.

Thank you Sierra! I am pretty sure I could not have done this without your excellent products! I also think I have the right combination in place Sierra, Shilen, Leopold, (luck?) etc.

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1 Response to Hunting Black Grouse with Sierra Bullets in Finland

  1. David (Rupe) Ruppel says:

    Well done! That was an outstanding shot. It does sound like you have a great combination with your rifle, your load, and Sierra bullets. Congrats!


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