My Son’s First Deer

Written by Hugh

Dutch's 1st deer 2013

Dutch’s 1st Deer 2013

This year was going to be my son, Dutch’s first deer season.  I had a 25-06 Remington my father had given me when I was 13, and my intention was to pass it on to my son.  The only problem was that he is only 7 and the recoil was too much for him. (He said it didn’t hurt, but he was pulling his shots.)

I bought a used M700 ADL stock and cut it to fit and put on a good pad.  I bought a Lee reload set (I have read about and wanted to get into reloading for a while, and this gave me the push to just do it).  Sierra GameKing bullets came highly recommended to me from friend, and after doing some research, I decided to use the 100 gr Sierra GK SPBT #1625 with Hodgdon’s H4895 powder.

Dutch's 2nd deer 2013

Dutch’s 2nd Deer 2013

He shot it, and shot, and shot, and he was down to a 1″ group at 100yds.  The recoil was no longer an issue.  We practiced bench shooting, shooting out of blinds, shooting at life-size deer targets, etc.  He shot at least 60 rounds prior to the season.  We were ready.

On the first morning of youth season, we saw a spike at the break on dawn.  He decided he wanted to shoot it, so I got the gun and put it through the window of the blind and gave him the reins.  His feet were just dangling in the air because we had to set the stool high enough for him to shoot through the window, but at 85 yds, one shot, one kill.  I couldn’t say who was happier, Dutch or myself.  The next day he killed an eight pointer, and just a few days ago an axis spike.

Dutch Axis deer 2013

Dutch Axis Deer 2013

I am a believer in Sierra GameKing’s to say the least.  The only problem right now is finding another box.

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3 Responses to My Son’s First Deer

  1. David (Rupe) Ruppel says:

    Way to go Dutch! Congrates on the fine shooting! And Congrates Dad for spending the time to pass on the hunting and shooting sport to the next generation.


  2. Doug Edwards says:

    Good shooting Dutch, looks like you and dad had a good hunt.


  3. Nathan g says:

    Why did you let him shoot at that last deer it still has spots!


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