They Come and They Go… Part IV

Written by Sierra Ballistics Technician Duane Siercks

Upon considering some of the cartridges that I have mentioned in these posts, I want to mention a few more that haven’t maybe become extinct yet. But they have seemed to wane from view somewhat. The 220 Swift has had a few surges in interest thru the years. The cartridge was maligned as being hard on barrel throats and also experiencing short case life. While admitting that large volumes of rounds being pushed through the firearms in rapid succession will definitely shorten the throat life with any cartridge, the Swift when used with moderation has been an excellent performer and has produced many an amazing story of its feats.

Next, would be the sweet 6.5×55 Swedish Mauser. An excellent cartridge that can perform very well on all medium sized game and has also been used quite successfully on large game, especially moose. Quite accurate with very gentle recoil, the 6.5×55 is very pleasant to shoot for even the very small shooters. To those who are acquainted with the Swede, they will boast of its usefulness and efficiency. The last cartridge for this time, I want to mention the .280 Remington. A cartridge that has been through name changes galore. It was also introduced in a rifle that did not allow the cartridge to be developed to it’s potential. The .280 seems to have been short changed its whole life. A cartridge that when loaded in a strong bolt gun, to safe pressures can tread quite closely on the heels of some of the touted magnum cartridges. It is capable of taking any large game, but the largest bears. It is very accurate and in comparison to the slightly faster magnums, the recoil is very pleasant.

Each of the mentioned cartridges in this article are outstanding performers. They have each suffered in their own way to the “improvement” of cartridges that has been seen with time. But, they are still very dependable and are certainly worth taking a second look at. I, for one, like to keep these ol’ timers in use. They are fun to shoot and I love their history.

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1 Response to They Come and They Go… Part IV

  1. David (Rupe) Ruppel says:

    I to hate to see Ol’ timers go. I fear that several of the go old round will be forgot. The 358win. is almost gone now. It did seem like it had a chance to show what it has got to offer, in the newer and stronger actions. I just hate for good cartridges to be left behind and forgotten about. Sad!


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