Do You Remember Helping Me Out on That .223 Rem?

Below is an email received recently from Lonnie MCCollough:

MrsMCCollough“Me and my wife went to a local shoot last Saturday, where you shoot an egg @ 200 yards. If you shoot the egg, you then shoot a paint ball. If you shot a paint ball, you would keep shooting paint balls until you missed.

My wife won one of the matches. She shot an egg and 1 paint ball and tied with one other guy on the first round.  Then they went head-to-head to break the tie. She missed on the second round, but he did too. The third round she shot 2 paint balls in a row and won the match. She was shooting a 69 gr MatchKing (#1380). This was a open class to with several different rifles.

Not bad for a beat around hunting rifle. (The guy she went head-to-head with I was told had a $4000 dollar scope.)

Anyway…I said all that just to say. I got it shooting pretty good! But my wife has to shoot it for me. Hahaha.”

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