Carol Boyd’s Success Continues With Sierra Bullets

Carol_BoydCarol Boyd’s season has continued strong since we last posted in June (see Carol Boyd Uses Sierra Bullets at the Creedmoor Cup East).  She earned 10 EIC points at Camp Perry, 6 more at the Delaware State Championship giving her a total of 26 points and puts her in striking distance of a distinguished badge.

At the Delaware Championship she also won High Service Rifle title shooting a 779-27X and 481-17X in the EIC. The following week she won Master Class and High Service Rifle at the 1000 Agg Eastern PA Regional match with a score of 978-30X. The following day she won the New Jersey 200-300 Yard Championship with a score of 796-32X shattering a national record.

She finally shot a nine in sitting at the Delaware Championship match and their EIC match breaking her streak of all clean since Creedmoor East. Her sitting scores from May through September stand at 1898-103X out of 1900.

Carol shoots Sierra 77 gr MatchKings (#9377) and 80 gr MatchKings (#9390).

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