They Come and They Go (Part 3)

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks

As you know, I have been mentioning a few of the older cartridges that we have seen in the past that were very common. But through advancement and the quest for good, better, and best, we have seen these fade from view. They all were very good cartridges in their day, and even now they are capable of fulfilling almost all the needs that most hunters would ever need.

This time I want to mention a few more that I feel were very note worthy. Let’s start with the 7mm Mauser(7×57). This cartridge is actually a solid performer that has stood the test of time. It is also the parent case for a couple other cartridges that I have mentioned, namely the 6mm Remington and the .257 Roberts. The 7×57 was capable of performing well with all bullet weights in .284 diameter. Next I will mention the .300 H&H. This old case is still an excellent cartridge that is known for exceptional accuracy. It also seems to generate less recoil than most other 30 caliber magnums. Though considered to be quite antique, it does tread quietly closely on the heels of the 300 Winchester Magnum, which is without doubt the most common 300 Magnum ever.

The other cartridge that I feel deserves mention in these posts would be the 8mm Mauser (8×57). This quite under-rated German cartridge was extremely accurate and very close in performance to the 30-06. That should give us some indication as to the viability of the 8×57. These three were and still are great cartridges. If you have questions or need help with any of these cartridges give us a call @ 800-223-8799. We look forward to talking to you and helping you with these cartridges and any others that we may refer to in time to come.

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2 Responses to They Come and They Go (Part 3)

  1. David Schenck says:

    Thanks Duane – I shot a kudu Yesterday with my 300 H&H. It was my first animal with this rifle and all I can say is SWEET!


  2. Ted says:

    The 8X57 is perhaps the most underrated hunting round West of the Atlantic.


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