Michigan Junior Rifle Team – Camp Perry, 2013

Michigunners at Camp PerryFront row, from left to right: Kevin Wilkinson, Sean Wilkinson, Peter Berney, Chandler Stewart, Jacob Gaddie, and Jed Gaddie  Back row, from left to right: Lewis Gaddie, Craig Wilkinson, Glen Shethelm, and Jim Grissom

We had another successful year of having the “Michigunner” junior competitors attend Camp Perry. We had a total of six juniors participate in CMP week of the Nationals.

We had one new junior attend the US Army SAFS and 5 juniors attend the USMC Junior High Power clinic. All of our juniors participated in the President’s 100 match, the NTI match and we had 3 junior teams participate in the Freedoms Fire junior team matches. We also had our juniors fire as an in competition team in the Rattle Battle match.

Of our six juniors that participated in an introductory EIC match, Jacob Gaddie earned 4 introductory EIC points through the SAFS EIC match and his brother Jed Gaddie earned 4 introductory EIC points through the USMC Junior Clinic EIC match.

Our juniors had fun and gained valuable experience participating in the National Matches.

Thanks to Sierra Bullets for helping support our juniors. All of our juniors shot the 77gr Sierra MatchKing using Varget Powder. With the help of sponsors like Sierra Bullets and Hodgdon Powder, it makes it possible for our juniors to pursue their dream of competing at the National matches.

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