Missouri State Long Range Championships

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Rich Machholz

Following right on the heels of the IBS 1000 yard Nationals was the Missouri State Long Range Championships held at Vapor Trail Valley near Spickard, MO located in north central Missouri.  This match features 2 – 1000 yard IBS targets on Saturday and 4 – 600 yard IBS targets on Sunday.



Weatherwise this match was even warmer than the 1K Nationals the week before.  Friday proved to be the best from the temperature standpoint with Saturday in the very high 90s and Sunday hit 100 near the end of the match.  Unfortunately there were no trees to hide under so canopies were the order of the day and it didn’t take long for a “tent city” to spring up Friday afternoon.  A nice south wind kept felt temps almost tolerable however.

Tom and Sara and the prize table.

Tom and Sara and the prize table.

I had my trusty 300 Win Mag for the 5 shot 1K Light Gun targets but I opted not to shoot the 10 shot Heavy Gun targets in the 1000 yard portion of this match.
For the 600 yard on Sunday I shot a newly barreled Savage actioned switch barrel gun chambered for the 6×47 Lapua cartridge with a SAAMI minimum no turn neck.  This rifle features a Sharpshooter brand laminated Sierra green and gold stock bedded and finished by Fred with a Leupold 8.5-25X scope on a 20 minute rail.


Mr. Lucky, Andy Ferguson

My preliminary load work indicated a moderate load of IMR 4007 should do pretty well at 600 yards with our Sierra 107 grain MatchKings.  So I set about the task of getting ready.  The IMR 4007 is a very nice short cut powder that goes through a Lyman 55 powder measure very well so trickling up to weight wasn’t much of a task and seating 107 gr. MatchKings for a slight jump was simple with the Forster BR Seater.  My velocity was a modest 2900 fps.

My top priority after getting setup was to establish a solid zero and shot a few groups all while finishing the break in of the new Broughton 1-8” twist barrel.  While there was some pretty heavy jacket fouling initially the amount gradually reduced throughout the match to the point that after the last two targets (20 shots including sighters) both carbon and jacket fouling was removed quickly with the Bore Tech carbon remover and Cu+2 copper remover.

And the winner is...

And the winner is…

So how did the match turn out?
Here is the link for all the results

I didn’t shoot well.  The 300 did what I have come to expect and shot a decent
score on the first target but I didn’t drive it well for the second target getting too close to the bottom edge and lost a shot. Too bad 4 shot groups don’t count.

Waiting for the final results.

Waiting for the final results.

The heat was a factor for all of us as was the heavy mirage.  Even though I stayed hydrated it was tough shooting.  The 6×47 proved to be worthy and a reliable ½ minute gun but that wasn’t good enough for this match and as the day progressed the conditions worsened to the point you were lucky just to get all shots on paper.

Tent City and the firing line.  Note the flag.

Tent City and the firing line. Note the flag.

The smallest member of the target crew.

The smallest member of the target crew.

Usually a wind like that will precede a storm and they need all the moisture they can get now but not a drop of rain fell.  The earth is thirsty and opened up cracks in the ground that were many and large in anticipation of eventual rainfall.

Thanks to all the shooters who participated and especially to the owners Tom and Sara Jacobs.  Tom, who shot and called the match and Sara, who handled the scoring and relays.  Their target and scoring crew was outstanding and even though we didn’t get the usual homemade lunches the food was excellent.

Help me, I'm stuck!

Help me, I’m stuck!

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