Hunting Down an Ancestor

Written by Sierra Ballistic Technician Robert Treece

gravesiteThe family knew great, great grandfather served the Union and was killed during the Civil War—even knew the general area; so I searched all the older cemeteries and church records around there with no luck.  During a discussion with that counties museum curator of historical and genealogical records, he mentioned that a lot of Union soldiers  had been transferred to area National Cemeteries—the closer one being in Springfield, Missouri.

A trip there and a quick electronic search in the office by the grounds director caused him to understatedly remark—“There he is.”  The name was slightly misspelled, but the date left no doubt!  A cemetery map was printed off showing the different sections and I was able to walk to his headstone—salute and pay my respects to him in his final resting place.

I hope your searches in life are as successful—stay safe and good shooting!

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2 Responses to Hunting Down an Ancestor

  1. Davis says:

    Will graves curator allow a granite raincap to slow the monuments degradation?
    Excellent find to solidify family history. Many unsung heroes out there.


  2. chmjr2 says:

    You have honored your great grandfather. Write his story down and make sure your family has it. That way years after you have left his story will still be known.


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