Sierra Bullets Inventory Update

By Vice-President of Sales Matt Reams

Things have not changed a lot on the inventory and delivery front, but the sales have certainly softened compared to 3-4 months ago.  We are finally shipping more orders than we are receiving (thanks to a reduction in incoming orders and increased output in production), but we have a LONG way to go before things are back to normal.

We started out 2013 with one of the highest inventories in the history of our company.  That is all but gone now, which put us in a position of shipping only what we have coming off the presses.  This obviously is never the position we like to be in if we can help it and makes a bad situation worse.  In a normal year we run production to inventory, which is our buffer.  Once we start running production straight to orders it makes deliveries much harder to predict and rely on.

Many Sierra Bullets will continue to be hard to find for the remainder of the year at least.  Some of our more popular bullets will begin to show up on shelves a little more frequently, but the 2nd and 3rd tier bullets will take some time to get back on the press.  I have no doubt in my mind that at this time next year we will still be out of at least a few SKU’s.

While I cannot promise you that things will get better in the immediate future, I can promise you that Sierra Bullets is committed to not letting up until our inventory (and the inventory of our distributors) is back to normal levels.  This will take some time and we thank everyone for their patience during this very trying year for us all.

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1 Response to Sierra Bullets Inventory Update

  1. Doug McKeever says:

    When you get caught up, would you please run up some of the .308 135gr pistol flat base spritzer? I loved that design for Contender 30’s & light 308Win loads. Really miss this bullet from your old line-up (Manual #3 days).


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