2000 Yard Shot Made With Sierra Bullet


Pictured is the actual target used, showing a F class 1000 yard center 1/2 MOA target, which would be a 1/4 MOA target at 2000 yards, the disc indicate the actual impact of each bullet at the distance indicated and is the best shot placement out of 5 shots fired at each yardage with no sighters allowed!  Also NO wind flags were used, only the red range flag was flying, all other wind was calculated using natural indicators like mirage and leaves grass movement etc.

Jeff impacted the X ring at 1700, 1800 and the 9 ring at 1900 and 2000 yards.  Pictured is Jeff’s certificate from the club for this huge achievement in shooting!  Jeff used the #2240 Sierra MatchKing 220 gr. chambered in 300 Remington Ultra Mag.  Jeff is also the winner of last year’s Longest Shot Match making it further out then anyone that day to 1600 yards with 9.5 minutes of wind on the turrets, also with that same bullet.  Jeff is also last years Indiana State Long Range Season Champion at 1000 yards shooting in F Class open with the same bullet and cartridge!


Left to right: Bill Stumpner, pit puller; Jeff Golay; Terry Farley, pit puller; and Jim Crabtree, scorekeeper/verifier

Bill Stumpner has shot out to a mile in a previous longest shot match and was tied for first place with Jeff Golay in the F class open classification in the last longest shot match.  Bill used a SMK 220 chambered in 300 Win Mag.

Jeff Golay now holds the club/state record for the longest shot verified and recorded in Indiana!

Terry Farley is a former longest shot winner in our FTR class hitting the target at 1400 yards with his 308.

Jim Crabtree won the longest shot match last December hitting the target at 1700 yards with his 142 grain SMK 6.5 mm chambered in 6.5/06 Ackley Improved.

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14 Responses to 2000 Yard Shot Made With Sierra Bullet

  1. dadrock33 says:

    Nice shot, Jeff . . . glad to see a Hoosier doing so well in the long range match (from another Hoosier . . although, further away now) . . .


    • Jeff Golay says:

      Thanks very much dad rock 33, I appreciate your interest and support!
      Your looking good Sir with that Palm tree in the background,they make great wind flags by the way! Take care and enjoy the beach for me too !


  2. Sturnbull says:

    Nice shooting. Maybe someday I’ll get down your way and we can send a few down range. My longest verified / confirmed shot is only 1223 yards on a Coyote. Across a valley in as a snow storm was lifting off the deck. I however did get 1 warm up shot. Which was low right. 2nd hit the mark. Using a tuned up .308.


    • Jeff Golay says:

      Very nice Sturnbull! Look foreword to an outing, you can always check the web site at Central Indiana Highpower Rifle shooters.org to check our match schedules, look for longest shot matchs and sign up and come on down ! Take care of yourself!


  3. dmr says:

    that’s some crazy shootin brother! congratulations. like that ultra mag, do ya? what kind of scope were you using?


    • Jeff Golay says:

      Thank you d m r ! Yes I have shot 300 Rum since 2002 and like it very much! N/F NXS. 5x22x56 MOAR with 40MOA base! No problems at all with pressure,was still SS at 2 with more left !


  4. mep says:

    Jethro..You might want to mention the fine gunsmith that barreled that rifle..He’s a bad man!!


  5. Tim Cooper says:

    Great shot, I am still working the wrinkles out of my 300wby and my 200 gr sierra bt. Have you ever heard about the bull’s eye camera system (target manager) ? It will eliminate the need for all that tape on the target. congrats on the great shot, i hope to working up to that distance in the future.


    • Jeff Golay says:

      Hey Tim, thank you very much for your kind post. And yes I have heard of the Camera system you mentioned, however this was shot under a Match format on actual targets that are pulled pasted and scored as you fire, this is part of the true verification of the actual shot as you have not only the shooter but a witness on the line whom is in direct communication with the pits which has both a target puller and scorer as well as a witness whom is watching the bullet impact the target as well as watching the target scorer paste and score the target. Keep in mind unlike in a desert or out west environment rocky area”where”your miss “can be seen”and adjustments made to correct a miss,out here in tree and grass environment you either hit your target or you have no idea where your shot went,in addition we only allowed 5 shots for record and to be done in only 5 minutes. Also without FCC license any communication equipment beyond 1 mile in high humidity as we deal with here is stretched to its limits and most of the time simply does not reach that far. Great idea however. Thank you very much again Tim for your post and I wish you all the best with your new cartridge and load! 🙂 Take care and just remember the Log book is your knowledge and knowledge is everything! We do use electronic video in training at times but never in a Match!


  6. owen golay says:

    Hello ,Jeff just read the post on your great shooting (Aug.15 2014).My name is Owen Golay from Iowa.I too do some long range shooting with black powder rifles.If you get this let me know we can figure out how we are related.My ancestors settled in Switzerland county,In.


    • Jeff Golay says:

      Hello Owen, very glad to hear from you! Glad to hear you shoot Black Powder at long range,very nice! We are related Mr Golay, my family founded Vevay in 1806 and lived there till my Grandfather went off to France in WW1, our side of the family is the Anshutz side of the great lady from Germany, there was on our side the first break of non Swiss marriage of two generations in a row that married German girls who were fresh off the boat. Thanks very much for the post, come on back here sometime and we will shoot beyond 1000 together and visit Vevay. I just shot over a mile once again just this month in celebration of the one year anniversary of the two thousand yard shot. Take care Owen.


      • owen golay says:

        Greetings Jeff,just checking in to see how the shooting is going.I just won my class in the Great Plains regional BPCR held Kansas.Hope your having success as well.Please feel free to email owens4590@gmail.com Hold center,Owen


  7. owen golay says:

    Hello,Jeff I came across your post while doing some family research.It seems there are several enterprising individuals who carry our name.If I knew your fathers name and grand fathers as far back as you know I could make the link .We have a heating,cooling business and if you like please feel free to call with any info you feel like sharing.641-891-2846. Thanks Owen


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