Camp Perry 2013 – Wyoming Team

Assistant Coach, Paul Ward, Jace Munzine, and Makayla Douthit at the Camp Perry huts

Assistant Coach, Paul Ward, Jace Munzine, and Makayla Douthit at the Camp Perry huts

Makayla Douthit came in second out of 631 contestants on the M16-EIC match with a 488-10X and garnered her first four leg points towards distinguished status. This is her first year shooting at Camp Perry at age 15 and we were pleased with her progress and performance.  She also shot a 458 with X’s at the EIC regular match, but was not good
enough at the 600 yd portion for wind for which she does not have yet have sufficient experience. She also shot the Hearst Double’s with her grandfather, Jerry Douthit, a seasoned high power shooter.

Jace Munzine, who was in his final year as a junior, didn’t do as well, but had already shot a qualifying score of 700+ out of 800 possible in order to attend Camp Perry. He had some problems at Perry with mistakes but shot well when they were discounted. He did want to go and enjoyed the trip.

We do not, as a rule, take junior shooters unless they can shoot a minimum of 700 out of  800 on an 80 shot match.  We don’t want to embarrass them for a lack of experience and development and the cost to them in time and a little of their money is something we would like them to have a positive experience with. The Wyoming State Shooting Association picks up most of their junior expenses for the trip to Camp Perry. The equipment is mostly provided by the WSSA also as the cost is beyond these kids and in many cases beyond their parents.

We really appreciate the support we get from Sierra since the bullet prices (and this year, availability) allowed us to enable these kids to practice at a much more reasonable cost to them at their entry level. We are going to continue to run this program for the ongoing future as long as we have junior shooting interest. Again, we appreciate your support and thank you.

Phillip Morgan, Assistant coach

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