They Come and They Go (Part 1)

Written by Sierra Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks

As I set down to write something for the blog, I began to think about the many different cartridges that have come and gone. There have been some that you scratch your head and wonder, “Why did this one come to be?” or “Why did this one disappear?”  Those questions in many instances may always lack for a good sound reason. I could begin to list the many cartridges that no longer seem to exist, as you could also. We would leave out or forget many undoubtedly. I tend to like owning and shooting the “not-so-common” cartridges that were and are still great performers. There just seems to be a lot of performance that has been set aside and now is overlooked in these great “oldies.”  My list will in no way be a complete compilation of all the bypassed candidates, but I do have a few that I feel bear a mention.

Let me start by mentioning the .222 Remington. This is probably one of the most accurate and easy to load cartridges that I can think of. In most that I have worked with, load development was a breeze. Be consistent with the load and it would shoot. So easy and simple.

The list would also include these two, the 6mm Remington and the .257 Roberts. Both excellent cartridges that were pushed aside for no real apparent reason. This is a start to my list of excellent, but seemingly forgotten cartridges. I hope if you have one that hasn’t been used in awhile, that you will get it out and let it prove to you once again what a great job it can do.

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2 Responses to They Come and They Go (Part 1)

  1. Don Staggs says:

    Thanks for the observation, comes to mind the .225 Winchester and the .219 Zipper which I shoot in a single action.


  2. fredy neal says:

    Looking for 338 mag lapua bullets


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