The One That Got Away

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Philip Mahin

When I first started shooting at distant targets, the rifle I went to was a Remington 700 chambered in 22-250 with a laminated varmint stock. It could easily hit a pie plate set up at 400 yards and splatter hedge apples with regularity. It was a good setup; the stock was solid and kept everything in place, the bull barrel didn’t heat up much and as long as I was true on the trigger, it shot well for me.

It occurred how much I miss that rifle when a caller told me he was taking the 22-250 barrel off his action to replace it with a 22-243 aftermarket barrel. He wanted to crank the velocity up a bit and with what he had, this was his best option. He was speaking of a 40 acre plot that held prairie dogs if I remember correctly and was getting the same reaction with his old barrel that I was getting some time ago, leaving both of us smiling like we were up to no good. Then it hit me, I traded that rifle for something that, at the time, I thought should have been heads up and above better. As it turned out, it wasn’t and that firearm is gone now also and I know I’ll never make that mistake again. Maybe I just need to revisit the 22-250 Remington cartridge and trek back over to the old stomping ground to do some feel good shooting. There should be a whole mess of new hedge trees by now just overflowing with ripe targets.

Til next time, be safe and have fun.

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4 Responses to The One That Got Away

  1. joeniv says:

    Yes – I regret selling a .22 LR Colt Diamond Back revolver. Took it to a gun show and thought I was asking way too much money for it – I think it sold in the first hour. That was a sweet little revolver, I’ll probably never replace…


  2. wade says:

    Yes I love my 22-250. i was late in getting this caliber for some reason, but it was worth the wait. With todays powders and bullets, it is amazing!


  3. james patterson says:

    Purchased a German 8MM stripped down, tapered the barrel, made a Missouri walnut stock, glass bedded, tack driver, purchased a laminated stock and mounted a scope, I am a pushover for My Children, Daughter wanted the rifle, gave it away, most accurate rifle I ever owned, now have a 300 Win Mag Ruger Hawkeye, just as accurate, good long range, loves sierra boat tails, load my own, but am searching for a 22 magnum model 1911. purchased kel teck, just not a plastic man, want to feel that cold steel! been waiting on Hi Standard, they are eventually building one James Patterson, O’Fallon, Illinois.


  4. Silver Price says:

    I prefer the .22-250 for hunting, because of the extra range and power. IMO the .223 is a better target rifle, because ammo is cheaper, and barrel life is longer. I own both, neither are for sale.


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