Thanks Herbert

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Paul Box

I grew up in farming country, which also meant groundhog country in that day and time. My only groundhog gun at that time was a Winchester model 67 .22 rimfire. While it was beautifully accurate even with open sights, it lacked the range I needed for those distance chucks.

Early one spring I came up with a plan. In one of the nearby small towns we lived  was a hardware store owned by a former neighbor of ours. I went into that hardware store one Saturday morning fully confident I could convince Herbert my plan was solid. I explained how all the local farmers had hay to haul each summer and since I had a good reputation as a worker, I could have that new rifle paid off in no time. Herbert nodded in agreement and said he would get it ordered.

The next Saturday I ran into Herbert’s hardware store to see if my new rifle had arrived. Herbert had seen me coming and disappeared into the back. Seconds later he came back out with a big smile on his face carrying a long box that said Remington on top.

When Herbert opened that box and my eyes first saw that Remington 700 ADL .243, I was in love. That was before the form 4473 and the whole deal was sealed with a handshake.

It took 10,800 bales of hay to pay that rifle off at a penny a bale and a total price, including tax of 108.00.

I got a Lee loader and a box of Sierra 75 gr. H.P. bullets and I was in business. It was my first rifle that I reloaded for. Herbert started a fire that still burns today.  As Bob Hope use to say, thanks for the memories.

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1 Response to Thanks Herbert

  1. jeo22 / John says:

    Great story, Paul, Thanks.
    Having grown up in the sixties ‘ I’ve been there, done that’ ,sort of anyway.
    I bought a lot of 22rf ammo with the money made getting up hay each summer. Most of it was used on groundhogs, squirrels and tin cans.
    Yep it started a fire for shooting and guns, that still burns today and I still have those memories of yester year.



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