My Best Hunting Buddy

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks

I’ll always remember and cherish my best hunting buddy’s first deer hunt. It was about one week after her 11th birthday. We had set the alarm for 4 A.M. to give us time to get dressed and let Mom fix us a big breakfast. We had loaded rifles and extra clothes in the pickup the night before so that we would hopefully not forget anything. After we had ourselves ready to go and Mom had worried over my hunting buddy a little bit we started the drive to the hunting woods. During the drive I kept talking to my buddy about what to expect and reminding her of the preparations we had been through all summer and fall to prepare for this time. She was nervous.

KirstieShe speaks up just out of nowhere and says, “Dad, I want antlers.” I let her know that this was totally her choice. She had an any-deer permit, so anything was legal. Finally we are in our ground blind that consisted of 2 milk crates for seats and a semi-circle of cedar boughs piled around us. We were about 30 minutes till daylight when I began to hear movement on the ridge in front of us. I explained to my buddy that we were hearing deer walking out there in the dark. We waited that forever wait until we could at last see enough to see those deer immediately in front of us. It was a group of does and yearlings. As soon as she saw these deer she said, “Dad, I want one of these.” I told her to take her pick and take time to make the shot a good one. The first morning about 10 minutes after shooting time, my buddy took her first deer. Kirstie has been a regular ever since. She always wants to be there that first morning before daylight and she always hunts the same stand. She has and always will be my best hunting buddy.

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