Building and Shooting the 338 Lapua Rifle

We received the following from the Yough Outdoors Club:

Yough Outdoors Club 4

“The Yough Precision Rifle Team wanted to THANK YOU and share with you the experience that we had building and shooting the 338 Lapua Rifle.

Yough Oudoors Club 5

Because of the generosity of your company, we were able to give our 12 team members an educational class and the awesome experience of seeing the 338 being built and then learning the process of perfecting a bullet with reloading, ballistic, and velocity to be able to shoot long range.

Yough Outdoor Club 3
We finished up our class with a trip to West Virginia, Harry Jones Memorial 1000 yard shooting range.Yough Outdoor Club 1

The students were instructed how to site in the scope and started with shooting a clay pigeon at 999 yards, once the scope was sited in and the pigeon broken, the students shot 5 bullets at 1000 yards and hit the target all 5 times.
Yough Outdoor Club 2

To see the excitement of the students when they were able to hit the target at such a long distance will be something that the instructors will remember for a lifetime.”

Instructor Paul Yackovich worked with the boys for over a year before they even got to shoot.

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