Written by Sierra Ballistic Technician Rich Machholz

Okay dog gone it, WHAT HAPPENED to spring?

My home practice range has been flooded for weeks now so no load work up, no practice and no mowing.   That last – practice, is now at a critical stage because until last weekend you couldn’t even see my 100 yard impact berm and the 200 yard impact area was obscured or at least partially so by 6 foot grass that seemed to grow over night.   I will say this however, the shooting pavilion and the yard around it look better than ever thanks to the frequent rains and my son, his wife and a 60 inch Landpride zero turn mower.  My son and a big 4 wheel drive John Deere with a brush hog splashed its way through the jungle and now I can at least see down range but lets don’t talk about ruts.

WHAT HAPPENED to my new switch barrel?  I’d been planning this new 600 yard IBS Light Gun all winter.   It is to be a 6 mm Dasher for 600 and a 30 BR for the short range score matches that are springing up all around me at Vapor Trail and Knoxville, Iowa and the VHA Regional’s further east in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  I got all the parts together and now it is hurry up and wait.  Most of that is on me for procrastinating on what action to use but with that choice made WHAT HAPPENED to spring and the time before the match season.  So where am I with this project you might ask, the barrels are done, and the action is complete except for some mill work and that is the hang up, mill work.  No mill, no stock inletting or bolt release installation.  WHAT HAPPENED to the mill?

It’s been one of those years.  The best weather has been through the week.  Weekends have been rainy and windy.  Two and two sure hasn’t added up to 4 and now it is in the mid-90s and breezy.   I’m headed to Colorado to teach reloading for a week.

WHAT HAPPENED to preseason trigger time?  Beats me, but both dogs remember me now and the yard looks pretty good much to the neighbors relief.

July is bearing down on me and that is typically a busy month for me.  We have the World Open the second weekend and the VHA Jamboree which is usually the last week of July. But WHAT HAPPENED to the Jamboree?  It is no more, that’s what happened.  All I can tell you is I have a free week at the end of the month and we have no place to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  Boy, I already miss the Cattlemans!

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