Wayne Scott’s Amazing Shot

Mr Scotts Amazing ShotDate: July 12, 1999
Shooter: Wayne H. Scott, Sr., age 59
Distance: 200 Yards
Rifle: Ruger M-77 Mark II
Caliber: .223 Remington
Scope: Weaver 15X

Absolutely no wind.  Rifle was rested on sand bags on a bench.  Three fouling shots were fired.  The barrel was at proper temperature with the three shots having been fired.


Brass had primer pockets uniformed and flash holes reamed.  Brass was neck sized.  Bullet was seated out to ‘bump’ rifling.
Powder: Accurate 2015 22 grains
Bullet: Sierra 22 Caliber 52 grain HPBT #1410 Match
Primer: Federal #205
Velocity: Chronographed at 2,943 FPS

Points of Interest
The dime had a small hole drilled in the outer edge.  A paper clip with rubber bands and a string was attached to it.  The other end of the string was attached to the target frame.  The dime was clear taped to the center of a 25 yard pistol target.  The dime was not visible when viewed through the 15X scope at 200 yards.  Mr. Scott knew the dime was exactly in the center of the bull’s eye.  Mr. Scott fired one shot at the center of the target thus blowing a hole through the dime.  The shot was witnessed by two men.

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1 Response to Wayne Scott’s Amazing Shot

  1. Chuck Cassity says:

    This is exactly why we do what we do. Excellence, and the pursuit thereof. Congrats Wayne!


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