Seating Depth

Written by Sierra Ballistic Technician Paul Box

One question I hear over and over on our 800 line is “My rifle’s throat is too long to allow me to seat close to the rifling.  I won’t get any accuracy will I?”

In truth the answer can be yes…..and no.  It all depends on the diameter of your rifles throat.  If the throat diameter is .001-.003” over the bullet diameter, the answer is yes.  In all likelihood, it will be a good shooter in spite of having to jump the bullet a long ways.  If on the other hand if your throat happens to be .004-.006” wider than bullet diameter, then it might be picky as to what style of bullet it will shoot.  Boattails might not ever give you the accuracy you’re looking for, but often time a flat base will settle this rifle down and be the shooter you’re looking for.

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2 Responses to Seating Depth

  1. Bill Hodkinson says:

    How can I find out just what the freebore is on my gun (Rem 700 VLS .308


  2. Thanks for your question Bill. To do this, take a fired case and bend the mouth of it slightly. Just enough that you can slide a bullet in with your fingers with a little effort. Take a 180 gr. flat base bullet and slide it in the case backwards with the base pointing forward.Leave the bullet out long and slide it in the chamber and bolt it down. Careful remove this dummy round from your chamber and measure the OAL of this dummy round. Subtract the case length and what is left is your throat length. – Paul Box, Ballistic Technician


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