Has Sierra Bullets stopped or slowed production?

DougSierraBulletsWe asked Sierra Bullets Vice-President of Production, Doug Wickham, “Has Sierra Bullets stopped or slowed production?

The Short Answer: Actually, it is just the opposite.

The Long Answer: We were lucky enough to have been approved for a expansion last year which we completed at the end of 2012. With this expansion we added about 20% to our production capacity and we have been running 24 hours per day since these new machines came online.

These new machines allowed us to go into the beginning of 2013 with the biggest inventory Sierra Bullets has ever had. We were poised to have a year with the best fill rate in recent history. That all changed when the phones started ringing and orders started coming in – and never stopped. We watched as our record inventory was quickly cut in 1/2 and everything we were making at our record breaking pace also went right out the door with it.

It started with any mid weight 22 caliber bullets and slowly expanded to most of our product line until we were finally down to 3/4 of our SKU’s out of stock. Now everything leaving the door everyday was just made in the presses a few days before.

We are sorry for the shortages and appreciate everyone’s patients while we work through this period of intense sales, but we promise we will not let up until this is over and those little green boxes are back on the shelves again.

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