Compromise. . .

Sierra Ballistic Technician Duane Siercks

With today’s market being what we have seen it become, reloading components are in tight supply. It would be a good idea to try and locate what you will need throughout the next few months. Hopefully, you can find what you are normally using. Some of the very popular powders, primers, etc. may be hard if not almost impossible to locate. While this will probably not be a long term situation, it may force us to use alternatives temporarily. Almost always there will be another powder, other than your “ol’ favorite”, that will give results that can be termed acceptable. So if you need help choosing a different component, or need some data for something a bit different than you normally use, give us a call at 888-223-8799 or send an e-mail, and we will try to get you squared away. It will be time to plan and prepare for fall very soon. It seems we just left winter, but summer is the same as here. Next is hunting time. Let us help you be ready. Thanks!

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