Where have all the bullets gone?

Written by Sierra Ballistics Technician Philip Mahin

In a nutshell, everywhere. But let me give a little explanation of what I mean, because anyone that has called lately knows what I’m talking about, but others may not. Ammunition is relatively non-existent if you look at the shelves of the local stores because of the current feverish pitch our government representatives have put on our 2nd Amendment rights. This scares people to the point that they are willing to buy the bulk of a store’s inventory when they finally find some. Multiply this times every shooter in the US and you can see why we are in the predicament were in right now. Also, there are a lot of new shooters out there, some of which have no reloading equipment. These new shooters are purchasing everything from the ground up, guns, magazines, bullets, cases, powder, primers, dies, and presses just to name a few.

I actually saw a brick of Remington 2 ½ primers selling for $110! To be fair, it was an auction website and the consumer made the bid, but personally, the $41 I paid for the same thing was more than I like to spend on primers. Honestly, it is my opinion that we need to take a step back and breathe if only for a minute and clear our heads. Be patient, we are still making bullets and shipping them out. It may be a while before you see components and ammunition start to fill the shelves but it will happen. Have faith and be safe till next time.

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