Spring Report

Written by Sierra Ballistics Technician Rich Machholz

Ducks on Missouri Creek

These ducks are on the north side of Salt Fork Creek which divides our sons farm about in half lengthwise.  If you enlarge the photo you can see our coyote platform in the upper right near the tree line.  There is about 3 feet of water at this point which is about the max for this flood.

The white you see across the top is the last remnants of our first & second 15″ snows.  When the warm weather came we still had 20″ of snow on the ground and then came the rain which gave us this water.  We have had one more snow after these two which dropped another 8-10 inches but it is all gone now except for some in the bottom of deep ditches and ravines.  My 1000 yard range runs right to left (east to west) and this shot is about midway down range looking north.

The water has gone down now, 3 weeks later but we still have lots of ducks and a lot less water.  Not many coyotes though and even fewer bobcats.

The turkey vultures have arrived, got here about two weeks ago so spring can’t be too far behind.  It is still too early for Morels however.

The woodcocks have come and gone.  They don’t stay long and have been gone about two weeks.  They’ll be back in late October or early November.

We waited too long to refresh the wood duck boxes, they’ve already started laying and most clutches are full now.home-range

Now that the weather has settled and is beginning to warm some it is time to get some serious load work started. It is also time for some serious practice but it will be of the short range variety.  That range is on the same farm but on the other side of and perpendicular to the Salt Fork Creek which is a little higher than the north side.  It is only 250 yards long but it IS dry but for one small puddle right in front of the 100 yard target.

The range picture is from last fall but some of you will recognize my Sierra green and gold switch barrel setting in the bags on the right. That is my data bench with the practice bench on the left.  The white dot in the center of the picture is my target in front of the 250 yard berm which is RIGHT on the creek bank.  The range stool is from my friend Fred Grant, gunsmith from Waddell, AZ.  The front rest is a Viper from my old friend Bob Pastor in Gobles, MI.

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