Subsonic Bullet Recommended for 22 Caliber

Written by Sierra Ballistic Technician Robert Treece

There are not a lot of jacketed bullets out there that will predictably open up at a sub-sonic velocities.  Varmints being smaller (less resistance) only makes the equation for a humane dispatch more difficult.  I’d suggest one of our a Hornet bullets  They have the thinnest jacket and a rather “blunt” nose to transmit shock.  They are available in 40 (#1200) and 45 (#1210) grain weights.  When possible, bullet placement into the heavy bones of the shoulder or headshots will work best.

Doubtful even a fast twist barrel that’s smooth and reasonably clean will have a problem with the projectile coming apart in the air at sub-sonic velocities.

Good hunting and thanks for using our products!

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