Using A Mag Pistol Primer in Place of the Standard

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Paul Box

With everything in such short supply these days, a common question I get everyday is “Can I use a mag pistol primer in place of the standard?”

The answer is yes, but with some judgement as well.  It’s better to reduce the max load by about .6 or .7 of a grain due to the hotter flame and longer flame duration of the mag primer.  Another thing that will help is to use a powder that has a little “room” between starting load and max.  For instance, it would be better to use a powder that starts at 5.1 grs. and max is 7.3 grs. rather than using a powder that the starting load is 4.3 grs. and max tops out at 4.7 grs.

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