Sierra’s Best Kept Secret

Written by Ballistic Technician Paul Box

GameKingIn our line up of hunting bullets there is one shinning star that goes overlooked many times. It’s the HPBT GameKing line. I’ve been asked thousands of times if this is a target bullet, or a varmint bullet. Truth is, it’s one of our most effective game bullets. The unique design of this bullet allows for good penetration and very good energy transfer. The slightly larger meplat in comparison to a typical spitzer bullet gives more energy transfer on contact. The HP design also keeps points from getting deformed in the magazine. They have a very loyal following among shooters all over the world. Give them a try and see what you’ve been missing.

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7 Responses to Sierra’s Best Kept Secret

  1. David Schenck says:

    The only problem with these bullets is that there is not enough of a variety of them. They are potent and I would love to see a 100gr version in .243. The 85gr 6mm version is the deadliest bullet I have ever seen on small to medium sized game!


  2. Ron Robles says:

    Do you think they will do well for long shots at mule deer and coues deer here in Arizona


    • Hi Ron, It will honestly depend somewhat on the velocity you’re pushing them to. For instance, if you’re using the 140 HPBT in a 7 rem mag, yes, it will be very good at long range. If on the other hand, you
      are using the new 6.5/130 HPBT at midrange velocities in a 260, then it would get pretty tough. It will still work, but you might have a deer travel a little further before going down. – Paul Box


  3. Hubert writes says:

    I wonder what it would take for Sierra to create an all new (long range) target / hunting bullet with a more aggressive ogive ? And to build a new 230 gr bullet in .323 diameter? 8mm Rem Mag fan here.

    I also have a bullet design in mind which surprisies me that I have never seen produced,, and which I’m pretty certain could cause a revolution in ballistics and bullet manufacturing altogether.


  4. David White says:

    I have used all of Sierra’s BTHP Game King bullets and have had nothing but GREAT success with them…

    I shoot a 6mm-284 with Sierra’s 85 gr. BTHP Game King bullet at 3,900 fps. and it’s the closest thing to a bolt of lightning you will ever come across! I have shot literally hundreds of deer with this bullet, and all have been one-shot-kills. I have shot deer as close as 15 yds. and in excess of 1,000 yds. with this bullet, and it’s performance and accuracy has always been superb!

    I shoot the 6mm 85 gr. BTHP Game King bullet in a wide variety of cartridges –

    6mm B-R
    6mmX30-30 Improved
    6mmX307 Improved
    6mmX444 Improved
    243 Winchester
    240 Weatherby Magnum
    6mmX300 H&H

    Without exception, that little 85 gr. BTHP Game King bullet IS THE MOST ACCURATE bullet I have ever fired in any of my 6mm rifles…

    David White

    Custom Riflesmith since 1983


  5. Paul Box says:

    Thanks Dave, we really appreciate that. I haven’t talked to you in a long time. I hope all is well at your house.


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