Garrett McCollough Loads Sierra Bullets and Shoots His First Buck

Nine-year old, Garret McCollough reloaded and shot his 1st buck in Wayne County, MS using a youth Rossi .223 loaded with Sierra 55 gr. semi point #1350.

The following is written by Garrett’s father Lonnie McCollough –

Working At the Reloading Bench“When I got out my reloading stuff, Garret would sit on a stool for hours watching me reload. Then I started letting him work the press for me. When youth season opened, I let him shoot a small doe for his first deer. He was hooked the rest of the season and I could not leave the house without him. He didn’t know I had ordered him a youth Rossi single-shot .223/20 gauge for his birthday, which was Dec. 20th. So before he got it, I asked if he would like to load his own shells for my gun, not knowing it was for his own gun that was coming.

Garrett McCollough and his Brother So he got his gun, and the deer just didn’t seem to quit moving.  We had been hunting in an old combine right behind his Grandpa’s house, which is where he killed the small doe. His uncle called him to tell him he had seen a buck following a doe around 3:30 pm. From then on it was ‘Daddy we got to go it’s almost 3 o-clock, we got to go.’

The last week of the season I decided no deer were to be seen. I said you’re a big boy now, we are splitting up, not expecting anything to move. Just about the time the sun went behind the trees, I heard him shoot. So I just got down and went to him just before dark and found the deer 30 yrds from where he shot him.

Garrett and his buckGarret told me, ‘I just got finished eating my crackers and picked up two leaves to play with like boats and here come that buck, and I had to wait a long time to get my shot.’  He made a perfect shot. Just in front of one shoulder and ending up just behind the other.”






Check out the recovered bullet!

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1 Response to Garrett McCollough Loads Sierra Bullets and Shoots His First Buck

  1. Lonnie Mccollough says:

    Thanks to Sierra bullets Duane Siercks and the rest of the staff for a family oriented company that sells quality bullets at an affordable price. You have made it possible for My family to target practice so we can hunt with confidence.I can even talk to a technician most anytime about all of my reloading questions. – Lonnie Mccollough


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