Perry Marchand Thrilled with Sierra Palma Bullets

Today Perry Marchand wrote us:

My name is Perry, I am letting you know “I am thrilled to have your Palma bullets for my gun.”

Last year I shot them at a target that I made and set up around my home here in Alberta.  The target was made to specs I “thought” were Palma standards.  I was wrong, but no matter, I wasn’t competing.

Big TargetThe target consisted of an 8′ square plywood backboard with a 5′ black foam board circle on which a 18 1/2″ dirty duck splatter target was placed.  I set the target up where I thought I would get a 1000 yard shot at it…turns out, only 965 yards came up when I ranged it with my new Bushnell Elite Arc.

Oh well, that will be far enough to test the loads at.  Now, I used my self-made shooting bench, and my Ron K. Smith barreled Sako action on a Paul Reiben stock. Sitting on top was an R.P.A iron sight and globe.

zoomed-in-targetI took 3-4, maybe 5 sighted shots and dialed the sights to suit.  Then five shots for group, and drove down to the target and had my socks knocked off.  There, in the red bullseye was a hole, not centered, but an inch and a
bit high and right.  Then in a near straight line up 2 in. long were two more. And then in a near straight line 3 in. long horizontally were 2 more.  In the end I had a nice right angle pattern of 5 holes with an over all size
of maybe 5 1/2 “.

I have targets I have punched groups of 3 and 5 shots at 800 yards in the range of 1.3 ” and 5/8″ using a scope, but this iron sight group has touched me in a very unique way and I just wanted to let you know that your work and skill was a part of the experience I had.

Well guys n girls, that is my story, I hope it brightens your day like your bullets did mine. And remember, scopes r cool but IRONS RULE!!

Perry Marchand

Have you tried out Sierra Palma bullets?  Let us know how they worked for you in the comments below.

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