Adding a Custom Bullet to Sierra Bullets’ Infinity 6 Software

Written by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Robert Treece

Lots of shooters with our Infinity 6 CD do very well on the line but get “flinchy” playing with the numbers—try this!

From the main screen, select the cartridge/caliper symbol over on left side of tool bar—it will display EDIT CUSTOM BULLETS and open a window (below).

Select “New” from the choices on right side. Now just fill out the blanks.
TIP: Use the tab button to follow the sequence.
Two numbers need clarification for correct usage; “Muzzle Velocity,” enter a number higher than you’ll ever run the bullet and Ballistic Coefficient (B.C.), always put “0” (zero) in front of your B.C. number.  Tab again after entering the B.C. number and then hit the SAVE selection on right side.

That should enter your custom projectile—can now confirm by selecting LOAD BULLET  on tool bar and opening the Custom Bullet Directory, finding bullet by diameter and title; highlight it and it will be transferred as one of the 5 bullets in the selection window for usage.

Most custom bullets and even other bullet brands only give one overall B.C. number so this first screen works, DON’T waste time for one B.C. number; trying to use the ADVANCED mode–that goes in another book!

The Infinity program doesn’t work with G7—only G1; a completely different set of numbers.

Thanks for using our products and good shooting!

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