.22 Caliber Bullets for Deer

Written by Ballistic Technician Paul Box

A common question I get from callers on our 800 line is what bullet in .22 caliber can I use for deer?  Often times this will be for their son or daughter that wants to start deer hunting.

1375One of the most common calibers they want this for will be the popular .223.  The 60 gr. HP (#1375) makes an excellent deer bullet in this caliber when it’s loaded down into the 2800-3000 FPS range.  This bullet is pretty tough and was originally designed around 22-250 and swift velocities.  Anytime you start a bullet out at lower muzzle velocity it will also slow down it’s expansion rate allowing better penetration.  The biggest key here is lower initial muzzle velocity.

1395aWith 223’s having a 1-10” or faster twist Sierra offers a 65 gr. SBT GameKing (#1395) that we designed with this in mind.  Having a thicker jacket,we made this bullet with deer in mind.It can be used at top end velocities from the 223 for deer hunting.  It will bring a smile on the face of that young hunter with their first deer.

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2 Responses to .22 Caliber Bullets for Deer

  1. tom says:

    i 2 am using this for deer here in pa


  2. Joe says:

    I have had great results with the 55 grain game king. This bullet has produced 25 consecutive 1-shot kills with 8-10 year old kids making broadside behind the shoulder shots on mature south Texas whitetail bucks and some does. Loaded to 3150 fps out of a 20 inch barrel 223 ackley improved fire form loads. Incidentally no misses in this 18 or so years of use. Awesome bullet.


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