4th Annual 300-yard North Carolina High Power and Midrange Prone Matches, the Daniel Lucas Memorial Match and the Reid Perry Memorial Match

September 24and 25, 2012, Lake Norman High Power Club (NCRPA) and the Catawba Valley Rifle and Pistol Club hosted the 4th Annual 300-yard North Carolina High Power and Midrange Prone Matches, the Daniel Lucas Memorial Match and the Reid Perry Memorial Match, respectively.

On Saturday, the 24, the shooters gathered before sunup and prepared to shoot the 1,000 agg across the course match.  Rain was present and stayed with us the entire day.  All of the relays shot in some form of rain throughout the day and during the heaviest downpours, the competitors sought out cover in the pits or on the line.  Luckily Catawba Valley’s range has several covered firing points available for shelter and keeping gear dry was a priority, shooters were next!  Even with several rain delays, some of it with rain so heavy you could no longer see the target number boards, the complete 1,000 agg was shot and at least 3 National Records were broken: Open, Civilian and Senior.

Match and class winners included:

State Champion John Friguglietti, Jr. 933-49 (New Open and Civilian National Record)
Optics Class Doug Morrison 990-37
Service Rifle Kirk Freeman 989-49
Match Rifle Patrick McCraw 984-28
High Junior Mary London 965-30
High Senior Charlie Kish 963-25 (New Senior National Record)
High Sub Junior Jason Williams 970-24
Master Class Isaac London 945-25
Expert Class Reid Wiegleb 961-31
Sharpshooter Class Shoen Fife 907-16
Marksman Class Adam Fitzpatrick 867-09

Following the match, the competitors were treated to a BBQ dinner prepared by Steven and Robin Lunsford.  Then the awards were presented by Lucas’ mother, Patti Elliott, who drove in for the day.  She also presented $1,000.00 Daniel Lucas Elliott Memorial college scholarships to tow of our junior shooters, Mary London and Patrick McCraw.

On Sunday, the 25, the competitors arrived at the range and enjoyed a full breakfast prepared by the Lunsfords.  Shortly after breakfast, the much anticipated raffle and auction were held where over $500 was raised for the Daniel Lucas Elliott Memorial Scholarship fund.  There were plenty of prizes given out, including Rock River AR 15 complete lowers, National Match triggers, Sierra and Berger bullets, a Creedmoor Cart kit, a Creedmoor mat and much more.  Every junior competitor received at least 300 Sierra bullets and two competitors left with a White Oak Armament service rifle upper and a Giraud Tool Company case trimmer.

After the morning festivities, the competitors began the 600 agg, 300-yard prone championship.  Each competitor fired three 22 shot strings on the MR63 target over the course of the day.  Unlike Saturday, the weather for Sunday was spectacular at sunny and mid 70s.  Some great scores were fired and the scores were tight.  However, Kent Reeve prevailed again this year.

Match and class winners included:

State Champion Kent Reeve 600-46
Optics Class Anthony Columna 600-38
High Master Class John Friguglietti, Jr. 599-46
Service Rifle Kirk Freeman 596-24
Master Class Mary London 588-21
High Junior Jason Williams 588-22
High Senior Rick Barnette 591-19
Expert Class Reid Wiegleb 588-22
Sharpshooter Class Shoen Fife 566-13
Marksman Class Tom Green 545-14
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