The Missouri State Multi-Gun Match Roundup

By Sierra Bullets Plant Engineer Darren Leskiw

I had the pleasure of shooting with some friends at the Missouri State Multi-Gun match this past weekend.  The weather was perfect, the stages were fun and the company was great.  And my performance was consistent, always something to be pleased with!

With 64 competitors and 8 stages of shooting spread over the Central Ozark Practical Shooters complex, there was a lot of lead going down range all day.  There was a healthy mix of multi-gun and single gun action at the match.  No shoots covered rifle targets at distance, steel at distance was testing the limits of shotgun choke choices, and there was some fast pistol (and rifle) paper to keep the speed demons happy.

All of the stages were fairly straight forward, so it was a good straight up test of shooting ability to those who played.  The Woods Walk shotgun stage was a lot of fun, it’s always humbling to scan the woods as your weak hand reload to make sure you don’t walk past any targets.

As with any match, safety was paramount and there were zero issues that I knew of.  In fact, the entire match went on without much of any problems.  There was a broken piece of steel at 200 yards, but the single bolt held up long enough until Mr. Fix-it could go down range in between squads.

All in all I am very pleased with how I shot.  I got too aggressive on some rifle targets at distance and had two no shoots for the day.  But the most important thing is that I competed safely, had fun, and know where my weaknesses are for practice sessions.  You can bet I’ll be back next year.

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