First Multi-Gun Match: Expectations and Reflections

By Sierra Bullets Process Engineer David Palm

David Palm With ARI’ve been shooting USPSA handgun matches for a few years now and have lots of good memories from events all over the Midwest. Since starting my career at Sierra about a year ago, I have occasionally heard our Plant Engineer, Darren Leskiw, talk about multi-gun events and how much fun they can be. I know from when I was just starting out in USPSA that the best way to get into a new shooting sport is to have an experienced friend to ask questions, and point out all the areas where improvement can be made. This was a perfect opportunity to learn from a seasoned 3-gun shooter. I finally tagged along the first weekend in November for the Missouri State Multi-Gun Championship. The forecast predicted cold temperatures and rain, but we lucked out with great weather all day long.

I was a bit nervous about being introduced to the new sport at such a big event. There was the added level of stress knowing that I would be unfamiliar with managing all of my equipment, the scoring system, how the match flows, and all the important safety rules. Not to mention that one of the top multi-gun shooters along with other experienced shooters would be in our group. My nervousness was probably for good reason. The first few stages of the 8 stage match were a bit hectic. I knew from shooting USPSA that before one can really get into the shooting aspect of the practical shooting (or any type of shooting), safety has to be second nature. After I got a little more comfortable with remembering to turn my safety on before discarding any firearm, remembering where I put both of the required chamber flags, what ranges would require more magnification, and all the other little things that go along with shooting multi-gun, it became much more fun.

In the end, it was good to get out of my comfort zone and try a new shooting sport. Running a pistol, rifle, and shotgun as fast as possible while still safely putting shots on target is even more fun than any pistol-only match I have ever shot.  The only disappointing thing about the whole match is that it was the last one of the year.  I will definitely be shooting more multi-gun events when the season starts next year.

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